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HistoryofMedia_Rec009syllabus - MCC-UE3 History of Media...

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MCC-UE3 History of Media & Communication: Spring 2011 // Recitation Syllabus Section 009: Thursdays, 3:30–4:45pm; 25 W 4th, Room C-4 TA: Xiaochang Li Email: [email protected] ** I will generally respond to emails within 24 hours on weekdays (usually not after 8pm). If you have a question about an assignment, be sure to contact me at least 48 hours before it’s due. Office Hours: by appointment ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Description Recitation is a weekly discussion designed to help you deepen and refine your understanding of concepts presented in lecture and in the assigned reading material. Our sessions together are intended to build on, not replace, your regular attendance at lecture and completion of all readings. Recitation should provide you the opportunity to ask questions, engage in discussion about the lectures and assigned texts, and think deeply about the themes of the course. It is also a unique opportunity to express and develop ideas aloud and think together in collaboration with your peers. All policies outlined in Professor Mills’ syllabus with regards to the grading rubric, grade appeals, late assignments, academic integrity, special needs, and religious observance also apply here. When in doubt, refer to her syllabus for these policies. If you’re still in doubt, email me. Structure Participation in recitation accounts for 15% (i.e., a letter-grade-and-a-half) of your final grade for the course.
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