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Reciation 4 - Reciation#4 Newspapers and the Public Sphere...

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Reciation #4: February 16, 2012 Newspapers and the Public Sphere by John Nerone • Nerone contrasts the culture of books and newspapers. Books captured a timelessness, were a greater representation of the author’s persona and was more personal because they resonated within the reader and their personal history. Newspapers were viewed as more fast-paced, did not connect with the authors, and dealt with the exterior world rather than the personal. The growth of newspapers and books is evidence of the increasing intelligence and literacy of the population. The newspaper brought together the entire nation into a common group. Any citizen could write a letter to a newspaper that could be copied and printed that could be read by the entire nation. Correspondents- commented on the scene in distant places, using their own voices and values. VS. Reporters- recorded what was said and done. Newspapers wanted original content from reporters to brand… compared to earlier newspapers that copied each other’s news.
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• But by 1840, the party press occupied the core of the newspaper system, and turned it into a combat zone for politics. By 1880 the relation of the newspaper and public sphere was being blurred. Politics began to dictate what would run and what would be rejected in newspapers. “It was no longer clear that the point of the newspaper system was to service the public sphere” (232). Lead to the partisan newspapers specifically catered to the Whigs and Democrats. Hezekiah Niles - publisher of the Weekly Register (1811-49); complained parties corrupted newspapers, detected a covert “opinion ring” in New York in which multiple editorial articles were written by the same person. The party-press system was allowing political professionals to pick and choose what would represent the public rather than relaying the true public opinions. William Lloyd Garrison-
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Reciation 4 - Reciation#4 Newspapers and the Public Sphere...

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