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History Media rec2 - History Media How Users Non-Users...

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History Media: What to look in a reading: what was good about this argument? Couple summaries with problems Must criticize the text Examples [for your papers] Skeptical about modernity [his perspective] Actor network theory: thinking about actors construing the broadest sense Ex: table: establishing hierarchy (TA behind the table shows authoritativeness) “things matter” approach broader way about thinking of things Role of theory in history: Very important but very easy to miss Recitation #2: “Technology of Writing” – Clanchy - In medieval Europe, Scribes were writers of books or documents whose typical writing material in the 12th and 13th century was parchment. (wrote directly from oral) “The skill of writing a letter in proper form was the ‘art of dictation’” (125). It required lots of skills and sometimes considered superior than the role of composer. Scribes were not always the dictator or author of the documents or books. Medieval: evolution of writing How writing has evolved: scribes Writing was not directly connected to reading ; just because you could read didn’t mean you could write There were different types of scripts depending on circumstances (i.e. Ability, the region and period, the type of document being written, business, royal document, etc (pg 126). One of the most important developments of style was the cursive script in the 12th
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History Media rec2 - History Media How Users Non-Users...

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