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Kim 1 Elise Kim ENGL 101 12/26/10 Fritz Final Paper (Rough draft) {Intro}{Thesis} Although our demands for dairy and meat are satisfied, the protection of the environment is crucial, and therefore there is a need for strong regulations of disposing animal excrement for the better of the environment, people and animals. Farming is a huge part of American history because of how much it changed since the first English permanent settlement in Jamestown, Virginia. After the settlement, agriculture advanced because of the creation of new ideas and technologies. From the 17 th century to the 21 st century, Americans used to utilize oxen and horse to pull heavy loads and now use tractors to efficiently help farmers achieve several tasks. These improvements caused the farm population and labor force to decrease, and as a result, one farmer can provide for 100 people now. As the advancements progressed, in the 1990’s, issues of animal waste came into the picture. The high demand for meat, milk, and eggs in the United States has increased over the past century, causing the livestock industry to evolve, and forcing the production of animals to become more efficient. Because of the increase in knowledge and the improvements in technology, the poultry, swine, and cattle industries have industrialized significantly. As a result, we discovered many different techniques to produce a lot of good quality animal products in a cheap manner; this
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2 phenomenon is known as a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO). However, the question is brought up when it comes to the disposal of animal wastes. The government, a huge impact on agriculture, passed many laws to prevent animal waste to do any harm. For example, in 1996 the Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act was passed to revise “farm programs to increase reliance on market signals” (A History of American Agriculture, 2000). But, to my concern, there seems to be no hope for farmers if CAFOs continue to use the same techniques. It is my intention to educate the audience about animal waste, first, by explaining how it is harmful for the environment. It is necessary to understand the key issues that arise from animal waste because it is something many think that there are no solutions to. I will be explaining how it affects the air, soil and water quality negatively. Next, I will explain the process of how animal waste is bad for human and animal health. Diseases that rise from animal excrement are a significant issue that many started to pay attention to. Then, I will argue that there are solutions and alternative techniques to neutralize the issue. Even though, animal waste is detrimental to the environment, and human and animal health, there are simple changes that can be done in order to manage the great amounts of animal excrement. Animal waste is one of today’s major water pollutants. According to
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FINAL PAPER!!!! - Kim 1 Elise Kim ENGL 101 12/26/10 Fritz...

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