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self eval - said…” Writing summaries was also an...

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Elise Kim ENGL 101 Fritz 12/2/10 Self Evaluation I have always been getting B’s on my papers throughout my life, and have labeled myself as a “B- writer”, until my first semester of college. My development as a writer at the University of Maryland has been improving ever since. My high school emphasized structure when it came to writing english papers and so I was an organized writer. However, I had a hard time writing a strong thesis and writing clearly; my teachers put question marks all over my high school papers, because of the awkward phrases I used. When I came to college, my ENGL 101 class taught me different concepts that made me develop many writing skills. The significant concept I learned in the beginning of the semester was learning the “Templates for introducing summaries and quotations”. For the summary and the rhetorical analysis assignments, I used many of these to make my compositions have a nice flow without using mundane words, such as “the author
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Unformatted text preview: said…” . Writing summaries was also an important concept I learned because it was my first time writing confidently. Because I only wrote structural papers at my high school, I had difficult time writing outside of research or persuasive papers, such as creative stories. ENGL 101 guided me on how to organize my summaries by including definition, cause/effect, value, action, and jurisdiction. Learning these concepts helped me gradually move away from writing awkward phrases, and write clear thesis. As an Animal Science major, I will be exposed to writing many research papers and will need to use the skills I learned from ENGL 101 in order to write professional and organized papers. I will need to continue working on eliminating my habit of adding awkward phrases, and writing clearly. Although it will be a slow process, I am confident that with the help of ENGL 101, I will be able to become an “A-writer”....
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self eval - said…” Writing summaries was also an...

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