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rhetorical situation 2 - regulations to control the amount...

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Elise Kim ENGL101 11/9/10 Fritz Considering Another Side: Rhetorical Situation Exigence: I am writing this paper because I think it is important for the audience to get a feel for what farmers have to do daily in order to keep the farm going. I want them to have a different point of view of managing animal waste, because animal excrement doesn’t just affect the environment. Audience: The audience for this paper will be Mr. Fritz and the class. The class will be my peer reviewers and Mr. Fritz will be the one to grade my paper. Purpose : Now that I have written the Experience and Evidence paper, the audience knows that animal waste is bad for the environment and that there needs to be stronger
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Unformatted text preview: regulations to control the amount of excrements that are effecting the environment. However, in order for this to happen, farmers have to go through a lot of stress. Constraint : I do not have enough time to do intensive research on the effects of animal waste to the environment. The audience has a limited knowledge of what farmers need to do in order for the farm exist. I am also a freshman, which limits me to write a professional paper. Author: I am a freshman at the University of Maryland and I am majoring in Animal Science: pre-vet. I will be writing what the farmers have to go through in order to control the massive amount of manure....
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