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Elise Kim ENGL101 10/14/10 Fritz Rhetorical Situation Exigence: I am writing this paper because I have a passion for both animals and the environment. I want to know more about animal care and sustainability. Audience: The audience for this paper will be Mr. Fritz and the class. The class will be my peer reviewers and Mr. Fritz will be the one to grade my paper. Purpose : Everyone knows a lot about how carbon dioxide from cars, electricity, etc., effects the environment. However, not a lot of people know that animal waste is a big contribution to polluting the air, soil and water. There needs to be a stronger policy that
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Unformatted text preview: will improve the disposal of animal waste to decrease the amount of pollution. Constraint : I do not have enough time to do intensive research on the effects of animal waste to the environment. The audience has a limited knowledge of how animal waste effects the environment. I am also a freshman, which limits me to write a professional paper. Author: I am a freshman at the University of Maryland and I am majoring in Animal Science: pre-vet. I will be writing about animal waste and the environment....
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