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Elise Kim ENGL 101 Fritz 10/7/10 Topic Memo Growing up as an animal and nature lover, I always wondered where the animal wastes went to when I saw the feces and urine go down the drain in the corner of the animal’s stalls at a nearby farm. It is important for me to pursue a future that has to do with both animals and the environment. Knowing that the University of Maryland can provide me knowledge about animals and the environment, I signed up to be an Animal Science major there. It has come to my realization that there is a certain connection between animals and the environment that I was not aware of; it is the issue of how
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Unformatted text preview: animal wastes affect our eco-system. A bad system of removing animal waste can cause runoff that results to the bad quality of water and the soil. For example, in North Caroline had to slow down their swine production because the waste was passed into a lagoon, which caused eutrophication to happen. As a result, the fish that inhabited the lagoon suffocated and eventually died. Additionally, the confinement of animals affects the air quality through the emissions of gas, such as methane. Its a good thing that I chose this issue because I know that this topic will make me know more about animals and the environment....
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