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wmst midterm - Kim 1 Essay#1 Elise Kim WMST 250 Midterm...

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Kim 1 Essay #1 Elise Kim WMST 250: Midterm essay Lara Torsky 03/29/11 Women’s Communication Communication is essential to all living things in order to make things run smoothly. This can be portrayed through something as small as an insect, such as a honeybee; it can interact with its siblings by “dancing” and wagging its bottom to direct them where the best nectar and most vibrant colored flowers are. It allows its siblings to efficiently do their job of getting nectar from the best flowers. Human beings’ relations, in contrast, are more complex than the honeybees’. In fact, because human beings have bigger brains, they have the ability to think, making them have the most advanced form of communication. In addition, to them, it is important to have relations, not only to make things run smoothly, but also to express and have a bond with one another. Thinking allows humans to have various ways to do these kinds of communication with each other, such as speaking different languages or just simply laughing. Expression and bonding are done a lot by talking, through having conversations with others. However, not only are humans able to speak to each other, but also to write. Writing is significant to people because it is another form of communication that is still powerful and has a voice, but lacks the sound of the physical act of talking. Throughout history, people wrote to do things like exchanging letters, advertising, educating, and catching up with each other’s lives. It also became a useful tool to communicate to the society to spread awareness of any issues throughout history. However when it comes to women’s rights in history, it was significant for women (and men) to have a different kind of
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2 communication besides, writing and speaking, to spread awareness and bring an understanding about women’s oppression. Therefore, women used the communication of art of music, dance, and visual art as their way of communicating to the society to advocate the movement of feminism.
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