UNIV 1001 Journal 2

UNIV 1001 Journal 2 - Elise Kim UNIV 100 A I made many...

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Elise Kim UNIV 100 9/27/2010 A) I made many friends on Friday during the All Niter. They were all friends of one of my friends from my floor and they are in Navigators, a Christian club. We played games together in the basement of Denton. It was very fun! B) It was very hard for me to pick a professor I wanted to interview, but I chose Dr. Updike, my Animal Science 101 and Animal Science 103 professor because he is the teacher that I’m majoring in, Animal Science. I thought it would be interesting to know what kind of life he had and what he had to go through to become the professor that he is right now. Because I knew he was busy, I emailed him and asked him politely if I can interview him but he didn’t answer so I went up to him after my Animal Science lab and he told me to email him the questions. He still hasn’t emailed me back but he did give us some background information about himself on our first lesson on August 30. His family lived on a turkey farm in the mid-1900. Here, there was a vertical integration of the poultry industry. Dr.
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UNIV 1001 Journal 2 - Elise Kim UNIV 100 A I made many...

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