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1. Provide answers for each of the questions below (2.5 points each) a) Give the structure or formula of the species which acts as the electrophile in the oxymercuration-demercuration reaction of alkenes ______________________________ b) What is the stereochemistry (syn or anti) of the hydroboration of alkenes? ______________________________ c) Provide the full Lewis structure of the reactive species generated by the thermal or photochemical decomposition of diazomethane, CH 2 N 2 ______________________________ d) Using a Lewis "line" structure, provide the
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Unformatted text preview: structure of MCPBA ______________________________ e) Provide a reagent which can be used to convert an alkene to a vic-diol ______________________________ f) What's the approximate pKa of the most acidic proton in the compound 1-pentyne? ______________________________ g) Provide the Lewis structure for the enol form of acetophenone, ______________________________ h) What's the t o t a l number of electrons in the radical anion form of formaldehyde, H 2 C=O? _____________________________ i) What's the name of the monofluorophenol isomer with the lowest pKa? _____________________________ j) What's the structure of the organic substrate needed to react with isobutyl magnesium bromide to give (after work-up) the product 4-methyl-1-pentanol? _____________________________ Ph C O CH 3...
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