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Chem 210-1 F06 Ex3 p05

Chem 210-1 F06 Ex3 p05 - form D 2 O D 2 ND 3 etc ALSO if...

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5. Starting with the alkyne designated as your only source of carbon (you may use that alkyne as many times as you wish), and using any reagents and solvents you wish, propose synthetic schemes for ONE two compounds below: For FULL CREDIT (12 points): For HALF CREDIT (6 points): C C O CH 3 D CH 2 -CH 3 HO (note: as a source of deuterium, you may use any reagent we've seen in the course in its deuterated
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Unformatted text preview: form - D 2 O, D 2 , ND 3 , etc. ALSO, if you can only synthesize the compound WITHOUT the deuterium, you may do that for partial credit instead). H 3 C C OH CH 3- from ethyne CD 2-CD 2-CH 3- from propyne...
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