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Chem 210-1 F07 Ex1 p03

Chem 210-1 F07 Ex1 p03 - χομ πουνδ...

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4. Provide structures of molecules which fulfill the requirements specified below - to get full credit, the structures must be correct and unambiguous in any crucial features (4 points each) a) Two different compounds of formula C 5 H 13 N, with structures such that those two compounds can NOT hydrogen bond to each other. b) An alkene of formula C 4 H 6 Br 2 , presented as a "line structure", with a structure such that the compound has a value for μ ϖηιχη ισζερο. χ29 Α κετονε ϖηιχη ισαν ισομ ερ οφ
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Unformatted text preview: χομ πουνδ 220dΒ220dβελοϖ; τηατκετονε ισομ ερσηουλδ αλσο ηαωε αστρυχτυρε ϖηιχη ϖουλδ αλλοϖ σιγνιφιχαντ ελεχτρον δελοχαλιζατιον. δ29 Τηε βεστρεσονανχε στρυχτυρε ψου χαν χομ ε υπ ϖιτη φορτηε χομ πουνδ ψου220dωε προωιδεδ ασαν ανσϖεριν θυεστιον (χ29 αβοωε. O H ( = "B") a) a) b) c) d)...
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