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Chemistry 210-1 Fall 2008 2nd Quiz Compound 'A' on the right is one product which is formed when methylcyclohexane is reacted with dibromine (Br 2 ) under appropriate conditions. (Compound 'A') 3. Provide the IUPAC name for compound 'A'. 4. Using the "double" Newman projection partially filled in on the right, draw in all the missing groups or atoms so that the final figure is a legitimate representa- tion of the form of compound 'A' shown. 5. A number of other compounds of formula C 7 H 13 Br are formed in the reaction of methyl cyclohexane with Br 2 which gives rise to 'A'. Provide the structures of a l l of the different monobromo products which could be formed and isolated (remember that conformational forms of the same molecule can NOT be isolated as distinct entities). 6. Of the various structures you've specified, circle the one which represents the product which should be formed in the highest yield in this reaction. 1. What reaction conditions would be required to bring about the reaction
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Unformatted text preview: of Br 2 and methylcyclohexane to give (among other things) compound 'A'? 2. What inorganic side-product would be generated in this reaction? CH 3 H H Br H Br CH 2 H CH 2 H H H CH 3 H h ν ορ∆ Η-Βρ χισ-1-βρομ ο-4-μ ετηψλχψχλοηεξανε Η ΧΗ 3 Βρ Η Η ΧΗ 3 Η ΧΗ 3 Η ΧΗ 3 Η ΧΗ 3 Η ΧΗ 2-Βρ Βρ ΧΗ 3 Βρ Η Η Βρ Η Βρ Βρ Η τρανσ-1,4 (τρανσ-1,329 (χισ-1,329 (χισ-1,229 (τρανσ-1,229 Χομ πουνδ 220dΑ220dχαν βε ινχλυδεδ ιν τηε γρουπ ϖιτηουτπεναλτψ, βυτνο ποιντσϖιλλβε λοστ ιφιτ220dσλεφτοφφ Τηε βρομ ομ ετηψλ(-ΧΗ 2 Βρ29 προδυχτϖιλλβε φορμ εδ ονλψιν ωερψσμ αλλψιελδ Προδυχτσϖιτη αστερισκσϖιλλαλσο βε πρεσεντ ασεναντιομ ερσ(βυτϖε δον220dτκνοϖ τηατψετ29...
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