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Chem210-1 F06 Ex3 p02a - least two reactions(5 points each...

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2. Provide structures for the missing products or reagents, as required - if no reaction is expected, write " NR " (note - " NR " is not an acceptable answer for a reagent - if a starting compound and a product are given, you may assume there is some reagent which will effect the desired conversion). In cases where the product is to be specified, if more than one significant product is expected, provide more than one structure, and indicate which of those is likely to be the major product. For missing reagents be sure to include work-up steps if necessary. Note that some conversions may require a series of at
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Unformatted text preview: least two reactions. (5 points each) a) b) c) d) e) I H 3 C Br 1) Li / ether 2) H 2 C=O 3) H 3 O + CH 2 HC CH 2 CH 2 H 2 C CH 2 OH C C CH 3 C C C CH 3 Ph H H Cl Cl O C H O excess NaBH 4 / CH 3 CH 2 OH f) CH 3 CH 3 1) O 3 at -78 o 2) H 2 O 2 /NaOH g) provide an acceptable name for the organic reactant in question (2f) above (3 points) H-I H 3 C CH 2 OH 1) B 2 H 6 / THF 2) H 2 O 2 / OH 1) H 2 ; Pd/BaSO 4 /quinoline 2) CHCl 3 / NaOH / H 2 O C H 2 HO OH (racemic) HO O O 1,5-dimethylcyclopentene...
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