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3. The compound methyl vinyl ether (we'll call it "MVE") is shown on the right. H 3 C O C H CH 2 a b c a) What is the hybridization at each carbon in MVE? C a __ sp 3 __ C b __ sp 2 __ C c __ sp 2 __ (3 pts) b) What is the TOTAL number of sigma bonds in the MVE structure? ____ 9 ____ (3 pts) c) On the right, draw out the MVE molecule as a "line" structure (3 pts) d) There is no other Lewis structure for MVE as good (or better) than the one shown above; however, it does have resonance structures. In the space below, provide the structure of the best minor resonance form possible for MVE. Be sure to include all atoms, bonds,
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Unformatted text preview: lone pairs, and formal charges. (5 pts) e) With a strong enough acid, MVE can be protonated to form a cation with 7 H's in its molecular formula. Provide TWO different possible structures for the protonated form of MVE - make sure they are the two MOST REASONABLE protonated forms possible, and be sure to show all atoms, bonds, lone pairs, and formal charges. (8 points) O H C H H O C H C H H H C H H O C H C H H H C H H O C H C H H H H (consider as protonation at 'O' of the major resonance form) (consider as protonation at 'C' of the minor resonance form)...
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