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Chem210-1 F08 Ex2 p03a - of iodomethane. Go back to your...

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4. Reaction of 3 o amines with alkyl halides can give rise to quaternary ammonium salts, as shown: c) In the space above, provide the structure of any activated complexes suggested by your diagram in answer (b) - be sure to specify all bonds (except C-H's - you can use "CH 3 " for methyl groups) and partial bonds, all charges and partial charges, and (as best you can) the 3D geometry where relevant. (5 pts) H 3 C N CH 3 CH 3 + H 3 C I (CH 3 ) 4 N I Not only does the reaction shown above occur readily, but similar transformations can also be brought about using more complex reactants. a) Into what general family of reactions would the process described in equation (1) fall? (acid/base, addition, elimination, substitution, etc) (3 pts) ____________________________ b) On the right, provide a reaction coordinate diagram for the process in equation (1) (5 pts) (equation 1) reaction coordinate d) Imagine a reaction analogous to that described in equation one, but using 3-iodopentane instead
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Unformatted text preview: of iodomethane. Go back to your reaction coordinate diagram in answer (b), and using a contrasting line (instead of a solid line, maybe a dotted or dashed line), draw the energy coordi-nate diagram expected for this second process. In order to make any comparison / contrast clear, for this second graph, BE SURE you start at the same point in energy for both sets (trimethyl amine and methyl iodide; trimethyl amine and 3-iodopentane) of reactants. (5 pts) e) In the reaction described in part (d), a second product is formed - one which is not a salt. Provide below the structure of that second product (5 pts) substitution (red line shown on right) C H H H I N ( + 29 (-29 ( 29 3 3 3 2- 3 3 / 3 2- 3...
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