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(question 4, continued) If the 3 o amine 'D' (shown on the right) is reacted with ethyl bromide in a reaction analogous to that shown in equation 1 several products are formed. Two of those products are ionic; neither is an oxonium salt (an oxonium salt has a cationic oxygen); both have the same number of units of unsaturation. f) Provide the structures of those two products - you'll get partial credit if you only specify one; so you'll need complete structures for both to get full credit (5 pts) O N CH 3 = 'D' 5. Circle the structure that best fulfills the criteria requested (4 pts each)
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Unformatted text preview: a) the best nucleophile of the compounds shown: Se S O b) the most reactive in an S N 2 reaction with iodide as the nucleophile: CH 2-CH 2-Br H CH 2 Br H Br H H 3 C c) the best substrate to react with hot, concentrated ethoxide ion in ethanol in order to form 1-methylcyclohexene: Br CH 3 Br CH 3 Br d) the most reactive in a solvolysis using warm methanol: Cl CH 3 Cl Cl H H 3 C H O N CH 2 CH 3 H 3 C O N CH 3 CH 3 CH 2 Br Br...
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