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8. The compound Naproxen is the active ingredient in "Aleve" - its structure is shown on the right. H CH 3 CO 2 H CH 3 O Assume you work for a manufacturer of Naproxen who uses a process that prepares the compound preferentially in one enatiomeric form. In order to pass quality control, a batch of synthetic Naproxen must have an enantiomeric excess of at least 90%. You are given a solution of a new batch of Naproxen at a concentration of 0.20 g/mL; you place that sample in a 5 cm polarimeter tube, and measure a rotation of +5.5 o . The specific rotation of the desired form of Naproxn is + 68.5 o . a) Does your sample of Naproxen pass quality control? By how much does it pass or miss the desired specifications? (6 points) b) What is the absolute configuration of Naproxen, R or S? (4 points) c) As a development project on the side, your supervisor asks you to take a batch of racemic Naproxen, and see if you can use some chiral compounds in the stockroom to resolve it into its enantiomer forms. You've got pure samples of the specific isomers of the compounds
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