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Unformatted text preview: Page 1 Following are some questions you may want to use to guide a discussion about The Story of Stuff . As you go into a discussion, remember, no matter how much or how little each of us knows about the environmental, economic and social issues raised in the movie, all of us have things to share and things to learn in our collective work to make the world a better place. There’s a list of Recommended Reading , because being informed is the first step in changing the system. But in order to bring about systemic change—not just shopping better and recycling, but changing the way things are made, used, and disposed of and the way people are treated along the way—we need more than information; we need to work together, to campaign, to organize, to engage with our neighbors, to pressure industry and the government to respect communities and the planet. Q: Annie used some big words in the movie, like “materials throughput” and “perceived obsoles- cence”. With the group, pick any of the words in the list below, and come up with a definition. Then have each person add to the definition: what does it mean to you, and how have you expe- rienced it in your own life? If the group is really big, you may want to break into smaller groups so everyone has a chance to participate in the discussion. List of words: Perceived obsolescence Planned obsolescence Materials throughput Synergistic impacts Externalized costs Points of intervention Q: Annie says “you can’t run a linear system on a finite planet indefinitely.” Another way to say this is you can’t have unlimited economic growth with limited resources. What does this mean for the future of the U.S. economy? What changes are needed to ensure that our economic system Annie Says: A Guide to Discussion of The Story of Stuff Page 2 supports, rather than undermines, the planet’s biological systems on which we depend? Where, along the system, are the decision makers who can change the current patterns of production and consumption? How would one influence decision makers at each stage along the way? Which and consumption?...
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