becoming a great student - Business Administration...

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Business Administration Department BA340, 341, 342, 344, 347 Dr. Geoff Lantos 18 Ideas for Becoming a Master Student Adapted from A Miniature Guide For Students On How to Study & Learn A Discipline Using Critical Thinking Concepts and Tools by Richard Paul and Linda Elder, Foundation for Critical Thinking, 2001 Note: some of these are also ideas to help you get more actively involved in class discussions. Idea #1: Although these issues are discussed on my syllabus, make sure you thoroughly understand: the requirements of the course, how it will be taught, and what will be expected of you. Ask questions about the grading policies and for advice on how best to prepare for class. Idea #2: Become an active learner. Be prepared to work ideas into your thinking by active reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Idea #3: Think of each subject you study as a form of thinking. (If you are in a marketing class, your goal should be to think marketingly; in marketing research class to think marketing researchly; etc.) Idea #4: Become a questioner. Engage yourself in lectures and discussions by asking questions of the instructor and fellow students. If you don’t ask questions, you will probably not discover what you do and do not know. Idea #5: Look for interconnections between topics within this course as well as between this and
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becoming a great student - Business Administration...

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