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cb and strategic importance

cb and strategic importance - experiences that you and...

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CHAPTER 1 Consumer Behavior: Its Origins and Strategic Applications 1. Key Concepts Value Customer satisfaction Retention You are the marketing manager of Citibank’s Online Banking Division. How would you apply the concepts of providing value and customer satisfaction and retention to designing and marketing effective online banking? Discuss the interrelationships among customer expectations and satisfaction, perceived value, and customer retention. Why is customer retention essential? Apply each of the two models depicted in Table 1-2 (i.e., traditional marketing and value and retention marketing) to the marketing of cellular phone services. You may want to incorporate into your answer the
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Unformatted text preview: experiences that you and your peers have had in selecting cellular communication providers. 2. Key Concepts Societal marketing concept Marketing concept • Locate two examples (e.g., advertisements, articles, etc.) depicting practices that are consistent with the societal marketing concept and two examples of business practices that contradict this concept. Explain your choices. • Apply each of the concepts featured in the section describing the development of the marketing concept to manufacturing and marketing high-definition TVs. • Describe the interrelationship between consumer behavior as an academic discipline and the marketing concept. 1...
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