Considered by many one of the BIG marketing Blunders ever

Considered by many one of the BIG marketing Blunders ever -...

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Considered by many one of the BIG marketing Blunders ever…Coke believed that if they tapped into an alienated malaise ridden teen culture of the 90’s they could sell a soda on emotion not taste… NOT. The soda was introduced with a rather strange marketing/ promotional campaign. . The OK Soda Manifesto OK Soda - Manifesto Excerpts from the OK Soda manifesto were printed on the cans, and were also available for a short while on their website.  Some of the sayings were: 1. What's the point of OK? Well, what's the point of anything?  2. OK Soda emphatically rejects anything that is not OK, and fully supports anything that is.  3. The better you understand something, the more OK it turns out to be.  4. OK Soda says, "Don't be fooled into thinking there has to be a reason for everything."  5. OK Soda reveals the surprising truth about people and situations.  6. OK Soda does not subscribe to any religion, or endorse any political party, or do anything other than feel OK.  7. There is no real secret to feeling OK.  8. OK Soda may be the preferred drink of other people such as you.  9. Never overestimate the remarkable abilities of "OK" brand soda.  10. Please wake up every morning knowing that things are going to be OK. 16 Kbps Stream Downloadable 16 Kbps 10 point OK Soda manifesto 10 point OK Soda manifesto OK birds OK birds 1-800-I-FEEL-OK problem 1-800-I-FEEL-OK problem An OK poem An OK poem Just listen. .. Just listen. .. OK thoughts OK thoughts OK tune OK tune I was going to use it to illustrate how marketers need to be careful of the prevailing attitudes towards products…cognitive beliefs…affective-emotional components…and behavior intentions. Seems like an accurate History of OK soda interesting cultural analysis of OK soda…,9171,1101940530-164486,00.html
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View Full DocumentRight Arrow Icon some interesting pages with OKness Take the OK Personality Test- I am not making this up 1-800-I-FEEL-OK PERSONALITY SURVEY The OK Soda Simulated Live Operator would ask you five true-or-false questions. After pressing “1″ for True or “2″ for false for all five questions, the Simulated Live Operator would rate your
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Considered by many one of the BIG marketing Blunders ever -...

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