cross cultural issues and cb (13)

cross cultural issues and cb (13) - CHAPTER 14...

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CHAPTER 14 Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior: An International Perspective 1. Key Concepts Elimination of trade barriers International expansion Will the elimination of trade barriers among the countries of the European Union change consumer behavior in these countries? How can U. S. companies take advantage of the economic opportunities emerging in Europe? With all the problems facing companies that go global, why are so many companies choosing to expand internationally? What are the advantages of expanding beyond the domestic market? 2. Key Concepts Cultures Cross-cultural consumer analysis Cultural research Are the cultures of the world becoming more similar or more different? Discuss. What is cross-cultural consumer analysis? How can a multinational company use cross-cultural research to design each factor in its marketing mix? Illustrate your answer with examples. 3. Key Concepts Global promotional strategies World brands What are the advantages and disadvantages of global promotional strategies? Should Head & Shoulders shampoo be sold worldwide with the same
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cross cultural issues and cb (13) - CHAPTER 14...

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