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CSR 331 Consumer Behavior spring 2011 syllabus v2

CSR 331 Consumer Behavior spring 2011 syllabus v2 - CSR 331...

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CSR 331- Spring 2011- Consumer Behavior V1 (subject to modification) Richard Feinberg, PhD. [email protected] 320 Matthews hall 494 8301 Skype Richard.feinberg2 http://web.ics.puirdue.edu/~xdj1 some Background on Feinberg http://www.cfs.purdue.edu/richardfeinberg look for csr 331 Spring 2011 - all class material that I want you to have will be here. Videos usually cannot be streamed. You need to right click and save to your hard drive and watch from there. You may need the free version of QuickTime to view some of them. These will be .mov or .mp4 files. If the file is an .flv you will need to download and use a free flv player . For the rest the latest windows media player will work (all for free). Follow me on Twitter… http://twitter.com/richardfeinberg If you want Read my customer service blog… http://theworldofcustomerservice.wordpress.com/ If you want Read my smart grid blog.. http://smartgridworld.wordpress.com/ ……now do 14 pushups Required Textbook: There is no required text book. There are a lot of CB books that you can buy and they all are good. The Babin and Harris book that has been used before is good. There is a new text called Consumer behavior: Human Pursuit of happiness in the World of Goods . This might be the most useful book in the stable but it is expensive. At any time in the future if you want to know something CB just get one of the texts. I have a complete text for you (low level) ( an older version of a book ) available to you to read if you want. …there might be something useful there. CB on the web Some Readings about the field in a folder called readings See also Chapter notes See Overview notes on consumer behavior Course Philosophy: Feinberg’s Law #5 – you never know that what you learn today may be useful tomorrow Feinberg’s Law #6 or Tom Peters Law #1: It’s in your hands so quit whining Feinberg’s Law #7: You have 1,816,473,600 seconds left. Tick tock…tick tock…tick tock. 1
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What are you going to do with them? Feinberg’s Law #8: Stop whining…solve the problem Feinberg’s Law #10- This is “IT” Feinberg’s Law #12- “I am Borg”…”resistance is futile” Feinberg’s Summary Law : Yo! Purpose - The purposes of this course are really quite simple: 1. Understand …really understand….the importance of studying consumer behavior whoever wherever and whatever your consumer is….. Markets meet needs of customers…business and marketing strategy…key concepts and terms…theories… models…methods…and be able to apply to business and world issues. 2. Write better. I mean it. 3. Understand the world better. I mean it too. 4. Make new colleagues…have some fun….I am not sure I mean it. These are not exhaustive in any way but should give you a flavor of what the course will be as it rolls out. This course provides you with (1) theory about consumer behavior (CB) and (2) an understanding of how CB concepts can be applied to marketing management, to our roles as consumers, and to everyday life and personal development. CB uses concepts, theories, and principles from the various social
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