culture and cb - of each ad, utilizing any core values...

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CHAPTER 12 The Influence of Culture on Consumer Behavior 1. Key Concepts Beliefs Values Norms Rokeach Value Survey Distinguish among beliefs, values, and customs. Illustrate how the clothing a person wears at different times or for different occasions is influenced by customs. The Citrus Growers of America are planning a promotional campaign to encourage the drinking of orange and grapefruit juices in situations where many consumers normally consume soft drinks. Using the Rokeach Value Survey Instrument (Table 12-5), identify relevant cultural, consumption-specific, and product-specific values for citrus juices as an alternative to soft drinks. What are the implications of these values for an advertising campaign designed to increase the consumption of citrus juices? Find two different advertisements for deodorants in two magazines that are targeted to different audiences. Content-analyze the written and pictorial aspects
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Unformatted text preview: of each ad, utilizing any core values discussed in this chapter. How are these values portrayed to the target audiences? Summarize an episode of a weekly television series that you watched recently. Describe how the program transmitted cultural beliefs, values, and customs. Select and describe three commercials that were broadcast during the program mentioned above. Do these commercials create or reflect cultural values? Explain your answer. 2. Key Concepts Cultural learning Formal Informal Technical A manufacturer of fat-free granola bars is considering targeting school-age children by positioning its product as a healthy, nutritious snack food. How can an 22 understanding of the three forms of cultural learning be used in developing an effective strategy to target the intended market? 23...
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culture and cb - of each ad, utilizing any core values...

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