johanson - these testimonials. Consumers are made to...

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Amanda Johanson 1/13/12 CSR331 Infomercial Assignment In this infomercial scam, Kevin Trudeau claims that his book reveals hidden from Americans that can help them find free money they can receive from the government. But it seems like the only person that Trudeau is helping is himself because it is a total scam. The infomercial program is a 30-minute segment that is made to look like a reputable news program. This marketing tactic is used to manipulate consumers into wanting to buy the book. Trudeau is a smart man because he uses all the techniques to attract people into watching the program. The host of the infomercial is an attractive young woman who starts off the program by seeming dependable and skeptical by making the viewers wonder if Trudeau is a scam. As the program continues, the host and her crew surprise people who testify that the free money program his worked for them. As she makes the viewers seem suspicious, the varieties of testimonials are made to seem factual and attractive to consumers by putting names and faces to
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Unformatted text preview: these testimonials. Consumers are made to believe if it can happen to anyone, then it can happen them. Throughout the infomercial, repetition is used to create a consumer desire. Extensive visual words on the screen are used to engrave the information in consumer’s heads. The infomercial also advertises a $500 guarantee, added free bonus material, and limited time offers. These are all techniques that imply an immediate need and reason for buying the book. It is not until the end of the infomercial program that clearly states it was a paid advertisement and some participants were remunerated for their appearance. This proves that the infomercial could be entirely false because Trudeau could include any information that he wants to try to sell books. This short message is small and could go unnoticed to consumers. It is unethical to pay people for testimonials because they could be told to say completely false information....
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johanson - these testimonials. Consumers are made to...

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