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Damien Keller WALL-E Feinberg- Consumer Behavior WALL-E Over-consumption and Lack of Responsibility is Creating a Dystopia Awareness is brought to our attention in a Disney movie meant to gage our concentration on what we are doing to our planet. Thank you Disney, for the reminder! We are trashing our Earth. That which gives us life is under attack. We are doing too little to stop our problem. Not only this, but we are the problem. The way we use, reuse, and dispose of our products is leading us toward a less than desirable future. My problem is very simple. I could care less. Why should I? I am only shown ways to trash my planet. Let me stop myself and start over. I care about my planet. I care about future centuries and future Kellers who will inhabit this Earth. WALL-E gives us an insight to what we may be looking at in future years to come. I hate the idea that I am hurting my planet and my family tree. This movie gives us a chance to see the painful reality that we are creating for our future. Allow me to chew the rag, I have little knowledge of how to maintain an eco-friendly environment. I will admit that it is easier to fall into line with what the majority of people are doing. From a business standpoint, this shows us that we must be more socially responsible.
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keller Wall-E - Damien Keller WALL-E Feinberg Consumer...

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