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perconti Film Analysis

perconti Film Analysis - Film Analysis Life is What You...

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Film Analysis: Life is What You Make It By: Allissa Perconti CSR 331 Does society consume and utilize products, or is society consumed by products? The answer to this question lies in the hands of the beholder. People have the choice to lead or follow, to consume or be consumed, and to live life or live to die. The answer is what one makes of it. Consumption can be described as using up a resource to its full potential. When referring to Wall-E , the film’s message for understanding consumption can be said to be using some resource or product not only to its full potential but abusing it through implementing it to the max. Expending the resource and focusing so deeply on its maximum potential to the point of abuse. In Wall-E , this resource was technology. The consumers abused the possibilities of technology to detach themselves from reality. Rather than using technology for research and health cures, they used it negatively. They did so through replacing much of humans’
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responsibilities and simple tasks with technological devices, only leading to unfortunate repercussions. For example, humans relied so heavily on technology that they lost humanity and in turn, the earth lost almost all forms of life. Rather than taking responsibility of Earth’s destruction, they simply used technology to create a new living environment in a space ship. This
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perconti Film Analysis - Film Analysis Life is What You...

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