sarbieski - and needed money They tried to appeal to all...

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Emily Sarbieski 1/16/12 Free Money Raining Money? Or is it Just a Garden Hose. Kevin Trudeau is a famous best-selling author. He came out with a book called Free Money “They” Don’t Want You to Know About . In this book, he claims that the U.S. Government is holding out on average American citizen. He states that there are programs that have been kept secret and it is simple to claim the money that is rightfully theirs. These large sums of money, ranging from hundreds to millions, are accessible and easily obtained with no strings attached. Trudeau has been banded from appearing on television from the U.S Government, making the consumer wonder if his claims have substance and it is not just another get rich fast scam. This infomercial was designed to make the consumer want to buy Kevin’s book. The infomercial was intended for people who are down on their luck and in need for money. Most people they used as examples in the program were in some sort of financial trouble
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Unformatted text preview: and needed money. They tried to appeal to all demographics as well as psychographics. They used an emotional appeal along with a logical one. Though they were not asking for any sort of donation, they were still trying to sell a book. They do a good job of making the viewer forget they are watching an infomercial for a book. They make it seem as if they are trying to investigate the book and the claims it makes, even though they only use the positive footage and stories that back up the book The point of the ad was to get the buyer to buy the book. The title of the book says it all, free money, who does not want a large amount of money? Whether there is actual substance to his book and there really is money owed to the American citizen, cannot be determined by this one sided advertisement. But the marketing team of Kevin Trudeau’s book made an compelling sales pitch to the consumer....
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sarbieski - and needed money They tried to appeal to all...

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