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creata an e business comments - To: CSR 406 From: Richard...

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From: Richard Feinberg Re: assignment - Create an e-business At this point in the semester I want to see what you have learned. The way I test it is to see if you can create an e-business that incorporates some of the things we have covered in class. I am judging what you have learned. I am assessing whether you can or want to impress me. It had to be well written and your ideas needed to be organized in some conceptually logical manner. You got a 200+ if I was impressed on business thinking and writing levels. You got a 180-200 A level if the conceptual outline was there but there was something missing. You got 160-180- not quite Below 160- some major problems Here are some of the issues: 1. This is an e-retail class. The assignment was to create an E-business and yet…some of you created stores. HUH? What is it about e-retailing that you do not understand? I am not making this up…some of you did not mention the Internet at all. You might have picked a name but there was no development of the web as a help to a store. You could create stores as long as the bulk of the paper was about the role that the Internet played in store success. 2. There were about 6 ideas that I think could really become e-retail businesses. It is possible to come up with business ideas. The thing that separates the mortal from the entrepreneur is the ability to get it started. You should all be able to come up with good business ideas. Who among you (or amongst if you are from south of the Mississippi) will take the next step? There were a number of things I looked for in your e-retail analysis: 3. How do they find you? 4. How do you make money- business model. This was very important. 5.
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creata an e business comments - To: CSR 406 From: Richard...

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