Csr406eBay - via eBay If he can do that the possibilities of other businesses in my eyes are huge For an example I could make a business online

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Danielle Frederick eBay Infomercial The first thing I think you are trying to get us to see is that virtually anyone can make a website or business as long as they have a product or service that some people will find appealing. To my knowledge, Dave Espino had no prior experience starting his own company and here he is selling his book, DVD, and a website to consumers who are just looking to make money themselves. He found something that he thought other consumers would want and couldn’t get anywhere else, and he turned this information into his own money making business. This would be as simple for any of us if we could find a product to sell and start up a website. As I was watching the infomercial I was thinking to myself, “if he can do it, I can do it,” and I think that was one of your main points. Another thing I think you are trying to get us to realize is that the internet is a huge business opportunity for all of us. Here is this guy that made money off of how to make money
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Unformatted text preview: via eBay. If he can do that the possibilities of other businesses, in my eyes, are huge. For an example, I could make a business online that was how to Facebook creep most effectively! And because I think you are concerned about our wellbeing, I think the point of this assignment was to raise awareness of internet scams to your students. Many of us might be desperate to make some money and might possibly fall for acts that people like Dave put on. So what I think you are trying to get us to see is how phony this guy, and others like him, really are. Going more in depth, I think you want us also to think about our future. Now anytime I see Mr. Espino endorsing or selling another product I will be hesitant to buy because I stood so strongly against his “Auctions for Income”. I think what you want us to realize is that we should be cautious yet outgoing when starting an internet business. We shouldn’t support something that might damage our image at a later date....
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