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eretail+Course+outline+2011 - CSR 406 E-retailing(Fall 2011...

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CSR 406: E-retailing- (Fall 2011) Version 1.0 (subject to modification) Course web site: www.cfs.purdue.edu/richardfeinberg in csr 406 Fall 2010 directory Richard Feinberg, Ph.D. My site is here if you want the in-depth and sometimes painful look at my professional life. Office is in Matthew’s 320 [email protected] 7654948301 Skype- Richard.Feinberg2 My assistant is 4948303 http://web.ics.puirdue.edu/~xdj1 some Background on Feinberg http://www.cfs.purdue.edu/ richardfeinberg look for csr 406 fall 2010 - all class material that I want you to have will be here. Videos cannot usually be streamed. You need to right click and save to your hard drive and watch from there. You may need the free version of QuickTime to view some of them. These will be .mov or .mp4 files. For flv files you will need to download a free flv player . For the rest the latest windows media player will work (both are free). Follow me on Twitter… http://twitter.com/richardfeinberg Read my customer service blog… http://theworldofcustomerservice.wordpress.com/ Read my smart grid blog.. http://smartgridworld.wordpress.com/ …now puke… Email all work to me at [email protected] Please read carefully…there are things to do all over the place. If you do not do them you will not get an A…(YO). Text- not required but there are many that are good Read the Digital Fact B ook 2008 or at least browse for fun ( digital fact book 2007 ) Free Chapters from a popular text- Turban Free chapters from a book called the electronics of e-commerce All sorts of writings that might be of interest Also www.ljean.com/trustRisk/book.html Loshin and Vacca e-commerce Intro to e commerce Principles and practices of e commerce (very large file do not print unless you are crazy) Read The State of Online Retailing 2010 There are tens and tens of really good books that give you an overview of e-business. If you want an overall text pick from any of these List 1 List 2 and lists on amazon.com . I have no book preference and actually resent their cost and don’t think they are even needed for this class and even if they were needed they would be out of date before you got older (and that my friends is a very poor sentence if you were writing it and I were grading it). Here is a large set of readings with some very interesting stuff. It is a very large file. Look through it on line and print only those that you think will help you in some way. The “joke”” on the front page summarizes what we know about e-retailing. Read the excerpt Accelerating through Wreckage 1
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Also good Starting an online business for dummies Harvard- Business on the Internet - A VIEW FROM 1999 Learn the net an online guide - good stuff Good stuff continues at http://l2thinktak.com / Retail articles worth perusing (and you know how painful that can be) .
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eretail+Course+outline+2011 - CSR 406 E-retailing(Fall 2011...

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