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FN 106: The Profession of Dietetics Spring Semester 2012 Donna L. Zoss, MS, RD, CNSC Class Meeting: Thursday, Jan 12 6 pm Stone Hall 207 Location: STON 232 Phone: 496-2975 Office Hours: By appointment E-mail: [email protected] Teaching Assistants E-mail Megan Barnes [email protected] Teryn Sapper [email protected] Text : Payne-Palacio, June, and Canter, Deborah D. 2011. The Profession of Dietetics: A Team Approach. 4th edition, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA. Required Reading : Didactic Program in Dietetics Handbook. 4th Revision. Available at: http://www.cfs.purdue.edu/fn/documents/DPD_Handbook_2011_12_Final.pdf Other Resources : 2011-2012 Applicant Guide to Supervised Practice Experience. Available for closed-reserve at Life Sciences Library, Lilly Hall of Life Sciences 2400 Website : http://www.allaccessinternships.com/home.php Course Description: An overview of the dietetics profession, including standards, ethics, educational and employment opportunities, and professional credentialing. Course Objectives: 1) To describe the current profession of dietetics and future trends 2) To understand the educational preparation to pursue careers in dietetics including different education models of becoming an entry-level dietitian 3) To demonstrate a knowledge of the supervised practice experience application process 4) To understand the credentialing of dietetic practitioners 5) To become knowledgeable about major professional organizations in dietetics such as the American Dietetics Association, state affiliates and district dietetic associations, and dietetic practice groups 6) To demonstrate the ability to develop a professional development portfolio,
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FN106_Spring2012 - FN 106 The Profession of Dietetics...

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