fundamentals of ebusiness planning

fundamentals of ebusiness planning - Fundamentals of...

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Unformatted text preview: Fundamentals of e-Business Planning Most lessons in this e-Business Plan Tutorial are about how to write an e-business plan. This lesson is different -- in this lesson you will learn what is a business plan and why do business planning. Other topics include a definition of a business case and how does an e-business plan differ from a traditional, "non e-business" plan. The lesson outline is: Introduction to e-Business Planning--What is a business plan?--Why write a business plan?--When do a business plan? The "e-difference" in e-Business Planning Introduction to e-Business Planning What is a business plan? One way to think of a business plan is as a road map for the development and operation of your e-business. You wouldn't think about setting off on a trip without a destination, a plan how to get there, and a road map to be sure you don't get lost. A business plan does these things for your company, and more. Other strategists call the plan a blueprint of your company, an outline of your business idea, or a document that describes how your business will be profitable. Formally, we define a business plan as a written document that identifies a company's goals and outlines how the company intends to achieve the goals. A business plan is almost always written for the creation of a new company in the marketplace and it is written for external audiences such as investors, potential business partners, or prospective managers. A special type of business plan is a business case, as defined in Business Case Box 1. Business Case Box 1 A business case is a business plan that explains a new initiative or project inside an existing company. Its purpose is to justify a specific investment of funds and the audience is the company's board of directors and senior management. As a special case of a business plan it has similar content as a business plan, but a business case contains more operational detail and it fits the project within the organizational context (e.g., justifies the initiative on the basis of the firm's mission and goals). Throughout this tutorial these business case boxes explain the differences between writing a business plan and a business case. Why write a business plan? A skeptic might answer this question "because I have to", meaning that a bank or venture capitalist wants to see a business plan before providing funds to the business. However, there are many other reasons why a business plan is a business requirement: •...
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fundamentals of ebusiness planning - Fundamentals of...

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