grady How Web 2.0

grady How Web 2.0 - customers are looking for...

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H ow  W eb 2 .0  Can  E n r ich  You r   H ow  W eb 2 .0  Can  E n r ich  You r   B u sin ess! B u sin ess! w h at  st r en gt h en s bu sin ess r elat ion sh ips” Problems in business: 1. Distrust 2. Disconnection between what businesses promote & what
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Unformatted text preview: customers are looking for Solution: ***Shift from selling THINGS to selling an EXPERIENCE !*** • WHY SOCIAL MEDIA? 1. Socializing encourages participation & experience of all ages 2. Consumers trust visualization ability that Web 2.0 offers 3. 4/5 people trust online resources...
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