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Unformatted text preview: Hurdle: The Book on Business Planning Tim Berry Why Hurdle? This book focuses on developing the business plan that stands, like a hurdle, between you and your business goals. I assume you need to produce a plan because of a business plan event: • You want to start a business and you're smart enough and well-informed enough to realize that building a plan is a vital part of starting a business. • You need business financing , and you know that the potential investors, bank loan managers, and other gatekeepers expect you to have a business plan that covers all the main points. • You need a plan for a project , boss, or organization and you want a complete plan that stands up to scrutiny. • You need a plan for a class . Many business schools at colleges and universities, SCORE counselors, and Small Business Development Centers use developing a business plan as the best way to teach entrepreneurship and business planning. Important note: These are all business plan events. These are not instances of planning as a process; these are events that require a classic business plan document. For the Record: The process means more than the plan. The best reason for business planning is because you want to manage your business with more strategy, focus, prioritization, and effectiveness. You want to plan to control your business destiny. In this case the business planning process is more important than the plan itself. This is the Web Version If you prefer the physical hard-copy book, you can order it from Palo Alto Software directly or from , Diesel eBooks , and others. This same book is included with Business Plan Pro® , the leading software for developing a business plan in Windows (source: NPD Intelect). How Best to Use It Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to a Web-optimized version of a printed book: • Reading this book on the Web is free , while the hard-copy and commercial e-book versions sell for $19.95. • Instant navigation . Just click to follow links. o Previous Page and Next Page buttons step you between pages. o The left hand frame has accordion tabs which let you choose between viewing the Table of Contents, a Glossary, an Index, or a Search tool. o Links within the text topics take you between chapters or to other Internet links. • Books are easier to carry than computers . Of course if you have a laptop and Internet access, you don't need the book. • You need Internet access for this Web version . About the Author Tim Berry has been a business planner for more than 30 years. He is the author of books on business planning published by McGraw-Hill, Dow Jones-Irwin, Harcourt Brace, and Palo Alto Software. • He developed the original business plan for Borland International, which went from founding to publicly traded company in less than four years....
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Hurdle_The book on business planning - Hurdle The Book on...

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