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infomercial-Elms - Taylor Elms While watching this...

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Taylor Elms While watching this infomercial, the only thing I could think of was “money”. This company is selling a product, not a service. You’re buying their product with your money, and getting virtually nothing in return. This company is not looking to help you out in any way. They’re hoping to sucker you in and once they’ve got you hooked, they have your money, and the deal is done. But what about the money back guarantee? Make at least $500 in 30 days or your money back? Who says they have to follow through? There are such things as scams, which is what this is. They’re targeting suckers who don’t look into the product or company at all, but only hear the words “money back guarantee” and assume it must be true. Then, once they’ve wasted not only their money on the product, but also their money on eBay itself, they attempt to contact the “Online support center”; only to find out that there is no such thing. Shocker? Not quite.
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