joung - Hwan Joung CSR 406 Assignment 2 Why Facebook is...

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Hwan Joung CSR 406 Assignment 2 Why Facebook is essential for retailers in today’s age Facebook users are continuously growing and more and more businesses are jumping onto social networking sites to build brand or company pages. Facebook is an excellent way to get in front of new customers and keep updated with current ones. By setting up pages on Facebook any users who sign up to follow news and updates made by retailers will be shared with their immediate networks, therefore expanding retailers beyond just an individual person. Also it is a great strategy that the retailers can use to reach their exact target audience. Facebook allows retailers to attract customers, build relationship, add values, and improve communication with customers. Numerous retailers with a prominent e-commerce presence have produced a fan page on Facebook mostly to advertise products and to attract customers. Topshop, Amazon, Jansport, Starbucks, and Zappos are examples of successful retailers that utilize Facebook as part of their internet marketing. Retailers are continuing to expand their presence on social networks which is becoming an integral part of successful marketing strategies. The fashion sector is leading the way in its use of Facebook. Topshop is a British clothes retailer who recently recorded incredible success with over 1.5 million fans. Topshop’s Facebook page allows consumers to view the retailer’s latest collections and online shoppers to choose from over 3000 different fashion items. Also, it
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joung - Hwan Joung CSR 406 Assignment 2 Why Facebook is...

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