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Kristin Mooney CSR 406 Assignment 1 – Ebay People are always looking for a quick way to make a lot of money. This infomercial, advertising a guide to making money on Ebay, highlights just how easy Ebay is to use. It then capitalizes on people who view selling on Ebay as a challenge by offering all the “secrets” necessary to be successful. This is infomercial shows how simple it is to set up a store online. The inventor of this product claims to have all the answers to selling anything on Ebay. This simply is not the way the internet works. There is no guaranteed method to selling online, you just have to have the right product, at the right time, and at the right price the customer is willing and able to spend. While setting everything up may be simple, there is no way to guarantee that you will sell your product
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Unformatted text preview: at the price you want. I have a hard time believing that this book and CD will tell me anything that I cannot already find on the internet for free. At the same time though there are a lot of people out there who will see this infomercial and fully believe that they can make $4,000.00 a month just like the people in the commercial. This man realized how intimidated or naïve some people are about using the internet and compiled a lot of information to sell to that market. He makes claims of fast easy money and offers to help you through with a support center. If people were to just go to Ebay and investigate for themselves they would see that Ebay can help with setting up an account and a simple Google search would turn up most of the information probably contained in that book....
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