Making an Effective Business Plan Presentation

Making an Effective Business Plan Presentation - Making an...

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Unformatted text preview: Making an Effective Business Plan Presentation Many business plans are not only written, they are also presented. For example, if an investment decision has to be made by a bank loan committee or consortium of venture capitalists, it is more efficient to ask the business owner to make a presentation to the group, rather than have each member read the plan. Presentations also allow an opportunity for interactive questions and answers and for the investors to "size up" the person to whom they are loaning money. This last point is not an inconsequential consideration for both the investor and business owner. We cannot, in this lesson, make you a great presenter. That takes knowledge of the subject, confidence, and experience. However this lesson does start you on the path to being a better presenter. If a presentation is required as part of your course assignment, your instructor will give you some guidance about length of presentation, proper format, target audience, and so on. As emphasized below, this is critical information for making an effective presentation. The lesson outline is: Fundamentals of Presenting Suggestions to Make a GREAT Presentation--Content suggestions--Presentation suggestions Additional Resources for Preparing and Delivering an Effective Presentation Fundamentals of Presenting Making an effective presentation isn't that difficult. The process begins with a few fundamentals. Know your target audience : As you did for the business plan itself, prepare your presentation with the information needs, expectations, attitudes, and knowledge levels of your intended audience in mind. Think about questions such as: • Who are they (professional positions, ages, backgrounds, roles in this meeting)? • What do they already know (knowledge of your industry, knowledge of technical terms, have they read the plan already)? • What's in it for them (expected benefits, learning outcomes, decisions to be made)? For example, assume the target audience for your business plan presentation is a bank loan committee. In this context, the presentation should give the committee an overview of your plans and expectations, knowing that the detail is in the business plan. The focus should not be on just marketing or just financials, and certainly not on what the Web site will look like. Instead the presentation should present an overview of the business, sell the business idea, and conclude with financials and your specific request for funds. Timing counts : Your course instructor will determine how long the presentation should be, including sufficient time for questions and answers. In a "real" presentation this counts too. Clarify in advance how much time you will have and be sure to leave time for questions and still conclude on time....
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Making an Effective Business Plan Presentation - Making an...

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