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mission statement

mission statement - e-Business Plan Mission Statement Every...

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e-Business Plan: Mission Statement Every business needs a purpose that says what it is and a vision that describes what it wants to be. This purpose and vision come together in the mission statement. A mission statement then becomes the starting point for the development of business goals, and goals are the basis for setting measurable project objectives and corresponding metrics. Since it all starts with a mission, this is obviously a critical part of creating your business. The purpose of this lesson is to assist you in writing a mission statement for your e-business. The lesson describes a mission statement through a list of characteristics and examples and provides instructions to develop a mission statement for your e-business plan. The lesson outline is: What is a Mission Statement? --Mission statement characteristics --Mission statement examples How to Write a Mission Statement What is a Mission Statement? A mission statement is a declaration of what a business aspires to be. The statement is the business' reason for being, a proclamation of why it exists, a clarification of who it serves, and an expression of what it hopes to achieve in the future. A carefully crafted mission statement accurately describes the business and inspires the people who contribute to its success. Just as important as the mission statement itself is the process of writing the statement. This process helps a new or established business clarify questions such as: What business are we really in? What type of business do we want to be? What is our target market? What inspires us? The writing process and the statement itself both provide clarity of purpose and motivation for business success. Mission statement characteristics : A mission statement has the following key characteristics: Visionary: Above all else a mission statement offers a vision of what a business aspires to be. A visionary mission statement helps people understand what the business is about and how they can contribute to the achievement of the vision. So mission statements frequently contain wording such as "to be the best", "the highest quality", and "in the world". Broad: A company cannot be all things to all people, but a mission statement should not limit a company's area of service or expertise too narrowly. Especially in the fast-paced world of electronic commerce, customer needs, and customers, can change rapidly. A
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mission statement should be broad enough to allow the company to meet those needs without annual revisions of the statement. For example, the original mission of
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mission statement - e-Business Plan Mission Statement Every...

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