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AD TRACKING SERVICES- testing ads does nothing if you can’t track it. If you do not measure in some way you do not lnow. http://www.clickalyzer.com http://www.conversionruler.com http://www.clickpath.com AD TRACKING SOFTWARE http://www.adtrackz.com http://www.visitorville.com http://www.dynatracker.com http://sitesupertracker.com http://www.prolinkz.com http://www.extremetracking.com http://www.covertconversionpro.com Affiliate Marketing- Amazon started it and now everyone wants to do it. In affiliate marketing you get someone else on the web to sell your stuff and you give them a piece (sort of like the Soprano’s). So I might have a blog on e-retailing and list books sold on amazon. Someone clicks and buys I get a taste of the profit. These can be CPM..C…or A and one we did not talk about CPS (s for sale). If you scratch my back I will scratch yours Use one of the affiliate networks- you sign up and the service finds netowk affiliates for you. The service does the paperpwork and the disbursement…you pay the service. The service has hundreds…thousands of affiliates already signed up. Dowside- if you leave thr service you leave the affiliates…you pay more. Use hosted affiliate software- you ge the affiliates the ssoftware does the work. You pay a fee. You take the affiliates with you. You have to do the work…communicate with affilaotes, paperwork, getting the affiliates. Use affiliate software that is based on your server- you buy it and then only have to pay if you want the upgrades. The upfront fee is large. You may not want the latest stuff and then you fall behind. You have tio get the affiliates. AFFILIATE NETWORKS http://www.ej.com http://www.maxbounty.com http://www.websponsors.com http://www.filinet.com http://www.affiliatenetwork.com http://www.linkshare.com http://www.clickbank.com http://www.shareasale.com http://chitika.com
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http://www.paydotcom.com AFFILIATE PROGRAM DIRECTORIES http://www.associateprograms.com http://www.affiliatefirst.com http://www.refer-it.com http://www.2-tier.com http://www.affiliatesdirectory.com http://www.netshops.com AFFILIATE ACQUISITION http://www.affiliateelite.com http://scamfreezone.com/spider http://www.linkcapture.com http://www.axandra-link-popularity-tool.com/index.htm http://pjltechnology.com/affiliatelocator.htm AFFILIATE TRAINING http://www.netprofitstoday.com http://www.thesecondtier.com http://www.secretaffiliateweapon.com http://www.work-at-home-net-guides.com Blogs are becoming part of he marketing mainstream. Anyone can do it (look I am and that proves the point). Blogs are becoming an important part of product or business startups ( www.productlaunchformula.com ). There are 2 free blog sites… www.wordpress.org www.movabletype.org You can also blog within one of the contecnt management systems. Important to remember that others can see what you think and say so writer beware. If an employer googles you and finds your blog and you are talking about your need for yound children…well enough said.
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