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reasions for failure

reasions for failure - 1 2 Customer service meltdown...

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1. 2. Customer service meltdown : Neglecting service is always a license to lose customers. One Internet research firm that measured customer service at 79 online sites found 30% of customer service e-mails went unanswered, and only 40% A good idea is not enough 3. Doing the same thing - Companies that do not make fundamental changes to their corporate goal, and objectives and simply operate according to business as usual, after they begin e-commerce, are going to put themselves in a bad situation when the changes that e-commerce creates begin to effect the company. 3. Inadequate order fulfillment : Too many companies still don't have stock on hand or readily available to meet customer orders — leaving customers in limbo or the lurch. 4. Use of primitive search and transaction tools: Many websites make consumers wait too long or take too many steps to find what they're looking for. 6. Building community , not clientele: Too many dot-coms have emphasized building a community instead of clientele.
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