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1 Foods and Nutrition 105 Nutrition in the 21 st Century TTh 8:30-9:20am WTHR 104 2011 Instructor: R. Mattes 212 Stone Hall Phone: 494-0662 EMAIL: Objectives: To develop awareness of the scope of nutrition To learn approaches for studying nutrition To acquire basic knowledge and critical thinking skills Prerequisites: Nutrition Major Basis of Evaluation: Successful Completion of CITI program (Due September 1) 20 points Point-Counter-point (Due September 15) 20 points Claim Evaluation (Due September 22) 10 points Presentation Summaries (1st due September 29, 2 nd due October 13) 30 points Attendance 20 points TOTAL POINTS POSSIBLE 100 points Grading Scale: Grade Lower Percent Upper Percent A+ 97 100 A 93 96 A- 90 92 B+ 87 89 B 83 86 B- 80 82 C+ 77 79 C 73 76 C- 70 72 D+ 67 69 D 63 66 D- 60 62 F <60
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2 Course Agenda Lecture Date Topic 1 Aug. 23 Introduction / What is nutrition Mattes 2 25 Dept. overview/DGA Weaver 3 30 Literature searches Slebodnik 4 Sept. 1 Study abroad Cai 5 6 Referencing and Plagiarism Slebodnik 6 8 Nutrition education/communication Mayfield 7 13 Macronutrients/Energy McCrory 8 15 Antioxidants balance Burgess 9 20 Child nutrition Kranz 10 22 Eating disorders Clark 11 27 How family history affects health and Fleet 12 29 Sports nutrition McKenzie 13 Oct 4 Aging and nutrition Campbell 14 6 Obesity and its management Gletsu-Miller 11 October Break 15 13 Lactose intolerance/Bone health Savaiano 16 18 Cancer Teegarden STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES: Students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning and mastery of the material presented. To this end, the following points are made explicit to the student: 1) Attendance: Attendance is an important component of this course since information not contained in a textbook will be presented during class through lectures, videotapes, and demonstrations. Two unexcused absences will be allowed. However, two points will be deducted from the semester point percentage for each unexcused absence beyond the second. An absence from a regularly scheduled class will be excused if it is the result of illness, death in the family, religious observance or participation in a University-sponsored activity at the request of University authorities. Evidence documenting the cause for absence must be provided in writing within one week of the absence. To avoid a point deduction following an unexcused absence, the student may submit a typed, one page, abstract (about 250 words) of a peer- reviewed article
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syllabus_Fall_2011 - Foods and Nutrition 105 Nutrition in...

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