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Unformatted text preview: 1 PHY2049: Chapter 25 Capacitance 2 PHY2049: Chapter 25 What You Know: Electric Fields Coulomb’s law Electric fields Equilibrium Gauss’ law Electric fields for several charge configurations Point Dipole (along axes) Line Plane (nonconducting) Plane (conducting) Ring (along axis) Disk (along axis) Sphere Cylinder 3 PHY2049: Chapter 25 What You Know: Electric Potential Electric potential energy Electric potential Equipotential surfaces Potential of point charge Potential of charge distribution Special cases: dipole, line, ring, disk, sphere Relationship of potential and electric field Calculating the potential from the field Calculating the field from the potential Potential energy from a system of charges 4 PHY2049: Chapter 25 Capacitance: Basic Idea Capacitance: Capacity to store charge Like a tank Capacitor is electrically neutral (equal + and ʵ charge regions) q = CV (C is a property of the device, independent of q, V) Units: [C] = “Farad” = Coulomb/Volt 5 ...
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