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Important EML2322L Information

Important EML2322L Information - in any way I use this...

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EML2322L Students: If you are currently enrolled in EML2322L for the Fall 2011 semester, please read this ENTIRE message carefully . This e-mail includes several important handouts. The following handouts must be printed before coming to class this week: Syllabus, Student Experience Survey, Equipment Safety Sheets, Design Project and Design Project Schedule. As you review the attached syllabus, pay close attention to the prerequisites, attendance policy and expectations, honesty policy, effort distribution, general respect and participation notes, UF e-mail requirement and the final comments at the end. Fill out the experience survey and take the knowledge assessment alone without using a calculator or any reference material. As stated on the survey, it DOES NOT affect your grade
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Unformatted text preview: in any way. I use this information to gage your collective knowledge entering this course so I can tailor my lectures accordingly. BOTH LECTURE AND LAB SECTIONS WILL BEGIN MEETING THIS WEEK and it is imperative you attend both or you will be at risk of being dropped from the course. See the syllabus for location details. Arrive early to ensure you can find the laboratory (the entrance is on the north-east corner of the MAE-C building in the alley adjacent to Rhine’s Hall). Thank you for your attention to these points . If you have any questions please contact me for clarification immediately via this e-mail address or by phone at (352) 392-3496. I look forward to a fast-paced, challenging and fun semester with you! Mike Braddock Design & Manufacturing Lab Instructor...
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