Together the two equa4ons provide the rela4on between

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Unformatted text preview: low conduc4vity (10- 20) Electrical Conduc4on Ohm’s law states that the current I (amperes, C/s) flowing through a material is related to the applied voltage V (volts, J/C) and the resistance R (ohms, V/A) of the material. Resis-vity (Ohm•m), ρ, is related to resistance, R. Resistance is dependent on specimen geometry. Resis4vity is related to resistance in terms of the length between measurement points and cross- sec4onal area. Together, the two equa4ons provide the rela4on between resis4vity and current flow. V = IR RA ρ= l VA ρ= Il Electrical Conduc4vity • Room temperature values (Ohm-m)-1 = (Ω - m)-1 METALS Silver 6.8 x 10 7 Copper Iron 6.0 x 10 7 7 1.0 x 10 SEMICONDUCTORS Silicon Germanium GaAs CERAMICS conductors - 10 Concret...
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