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Unformatted text preview: opics: •  Electrical Conduc4on •  Semi- conduc4vity •  Insulator/Dielectric •  Ferroelectric materials •  Piezoelectric materials •  Superconduc4vity ELECTRICAL MATERIALS Electrical– Response to an applied electrical field (e.g. conduc4vity, resis4vity) •  Electrical Resis4vity of Copper: 6 (10- 8 Ohm- m) Resis4vity, ρ 5 4 3 C i t%N a 1.12 Cu + ” Cu re “Pu 2 1 0 i t%N a 2.16 u + - 200 - 100 0 T (ºC) • Adding “impurity” atoms to Cu increases resis4vity. • Deforming Cu increases resis4vity. Classifica4on of Electrical Materials One way to classify solid materials is according to the ease with which they conduct an electric current. Conductor: Good conductors, high conduc4vi4es (107) Semi- conductor: Intermediate conduc4vity (10- 6 to 104) Insulator: Poor conductors,...
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