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EGM 2511 EXAM XX Fall 2011 NAME (Last, First) _______________________ (UFID)_____________ SHOW YOUR WORK - BOX OR UNDERLINE ANSWERS – FBDs REQUIRED FOR EQUILIBRIUM PROBLEMS PE# 4 Design a statically-determinate truss structure capable of supporting a 50 kN load hanging midway across a 10 meter span. You are given a free pin joint at the span mid-point where the load cable meets the truss. All other truss materials in the truss design have an associated cost: 1) each pin joint cost $50 2) each member costs $100 + $(L)^(4) where L is the length of the member in meters. You are provided a pin joint at A as a starting point. Neglect the cost of any additional reaction joints.
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Unformatted text preview: a) Draw your design below (to scale) in the space provided labeling joint locations with letters and calcu-late the total cost. b) Determine the tensile and compressive member forces in your design subject to the constraint that the maximum allowable member force is 15 kN in tension or compression. Show your work on an additional sheet of paper. c) *bonus acheivement* The student design with the lowest total cost (and correct analysis) will receive a Gator Engineering T-shirt. Have fun! 50 kN A 5 m 5 m...
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